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A face younger without needles or injection ?

In just 15 minutes , and in a case of "capsule", the device Wishpro®plus, unique in the world, achieves this feat !

Thanks to the patented technology of "Magnétophorèse" combined with capsules active ingredients (hyaluronic Acid, collagen, vitamins, etc.).

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An absorption technique recognized: The Magnétophorèse

Its principle aesthetic ?

With the help of magnetic fields, it can force the passage of the active cosmetic agents across the skin barrier to allow them to act at the very heart of the cells.

4 treatment heads magnetic for 4 different technologies !

For even more advanced, the technology of Wishpro®plus, a patented and unique in the world, converts the pulsating magnetic fields, energy assets such as light or electrical current.

It is as well as Wishpro®plus offers not only one technique of absorption of the assets by magnétophorèse, but 4 technology proven results in anti-age:

  • micro-current (500áa)
  • the light 600nm
  • phototherapy 420nm
  • the pulsed magnetic fields

For more information, visit our website: https://www.wishpro-europe.com

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